Leslie Baldwin Award

Leslie Baldwin Award Winners

  • 2019: Nicola Gregory(University of Liverpool) - Active learning for referencing: using Kahoot! Jumble to liven up the lecture theatre
  • 2018: Hannah Porter(Southampton Solent University) - From Drowning to Surfing! Introducing a Standard yet Flexible Framework for Embedded Information Literacy Interventions
  • 2017: Alison Sharman(University of Huddersfield) - From Mann-Whitney to cognitive mapping: using ethnographic research methods to storify the data and increase library usage of international Business School students
  • 2016: Sarah Roughley(University of Liverpool) - Building a library community with social media
  • 2015: Suzanne Griffiths and Samantha Halford(City University) - Innovation in the Virtual Learning Environment: Supporting Students from CASS Business School
  • 2014: Aidan Smith(Birkbeck) - Occupeye at Birkbeck, University of London
  • 2013: Dan Grace and Matt Borg(Sheffield Hallam University) - Co-creating the library gateway
  • 2012: Ruth Mitchell(Surrey University) - SII-DUFE: Surrey International Institute, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Dalian, China
  • 2011: Meg Westbury(Judge Business School Cambridge) - “It Looks Too Professional”: Adventures in Making a New Library Website
  • 2010: Lydia Matheson(Aston University) Research into practice - how evaluation and feedback have informed library service development at Aston University
  • 2009: Emma Thompson(University of Liverpool) - H2o Playlist: encouraging reading and critical analysis with web 2.0
  • 2008: Judith Stamenkovic and Lisa Jeffery(University of Portsmouth) - Referencing Rescue: development of an interactive referencing service at the University of Portsmouth
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